How NABS Works

Professionals in the communications industry and related sectors needing help due to illness, injury, unemployment or economic difficulties can qualify for short-term financial assistance.

24 Hour Helpline and First Chat/E-Counseling

The 24/7 HELPLINE is your toll-free access to counseling and personal guidance. 1-888-355-5548 in both French and English.

You may also access services online or via other modalities:

First Chat, E-Counseling, etc.

Visit to access NABS Helpline services.

When registering to use the site, specify NABS as your organization.

Personal Counseling

All personal counseling sponsored by NABS is conducted by social workers or psychologists employed by Shepell FGI. We offer four hours of counseling (one hour sessions) for family, work related or psychological issues. If more help is needed, an application will be made to NABS by Shepell FGI.

  • Family Related Issues: Child-care, children's issues, domestic violence, early family events, elder care or financial stress.
  • Work Related Issues: Addictions, balancing work and family, career counseling, conflict in the workplace, organizational change, work related demands and stress.
  • Psychological Issues: Anger, anxiety, depression, medical, traumatic event, self esteem and suicidal ideations

Career Management Support

The unprecedented pace of change in our industry demands that we are continually managing our careers. Sometimes even the best performers find themselves at a transition point with very little notice. We understand and we’re happy to help.

NABS career management support services can assist you with:

  • Career planning and positioning
  • Recognition and articulation of accomplishments and transferable skills
  • Resume, bio, and social media support
  • Networking and interviewing strategies
  • Development of your personal brand value proposition

Career Progress Network: Toronto

Every second Tuesday morning in Toronto, a group of communications, marketing, advertising and media professionals who are looking to advance their careers, either by securing their next job or by carving an entrepreneurial path, meet to help each other expedite their movement forward.

Facilitated by Senior Career Consultant, Trevor Cape, participants are coached to strengthen the understanding and articulation of their value proposition, identify suitable career opportunities and navigate all aspects of career transition. Key topics include best practices and strategies with respect to research, skill building, positioning; resumes, bios and cover letters; social media; networking; interviewing; pursuing defined opportunities and creating new ones.

Please get in touch with Trevor Cape, if you would like attend at

Financial Counseling

We offer four hours of counseling for matters such as:

  • Money management and budgeting
  • Techniques for maintaining financial goals
  • Credit counseling for orderly payment of debt
  • Advocacy with creditors
  • Dealing with a layoff
  • Debt management and bankruptcy